50th Birthday Celebration



Thank you so much. The pictures came out great and everyone thought you were wonderful.

Appreciate it so much

All the best,


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Juju Chang News Anchor

I finally got around to really oooohing and aaaahing over each and every one the images you sent on Sunday.

And I wanted to let you know how THRILLED I am that you were there to capture so many magical moments… you have a great eye. And I’m not being oversentimental when I say that your images will be treasured by my family forever.

But it wasn’t just your artistic skills that clearly make you an exceptional photographer… it is also your EQ… your ability to read a room and be unobtrusive and patient.

So, for all of it. Thanks.

Best, juju



Brenda Smith + Associates

Thank you for being so great to work with on Saturday. Your amazing eye and talent have given us the most wonderful visual memories of the best day of our lives. I can’t stop looking at the photos! We’re so happy you were such an important part of Ella’s celebration. You are a bright light, Alphonse. Would be very happy to be a reference, or to sing your praises to whoever should hear them... My thanks again. All the best, Brenda Smith